Honoring Women in STEM


Honoring Ada Lovelace

Today is Ada Lovelace Day – a day to celebrate women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). For people who don’t know Ada is credited to have written the first computer program (so cool and my HERO)! As Glide’s resident female web developer I feel it’s my duty to represent and spread the word on what women are capable.

Judy Gersting Honored for Ada Lovelace DayTo honor this day, I will share about an inspiring female I know personality, my college professor Judith Gersting. Mrs. Gersting wrote the books for the classes she taught, was the chair of the entire CS department, and a math and theory wiz!! Don’t get me wrong, half the stuff she taught I still don’t understand (this is how smart this women is, just so above my brain cannot comprehend) and I respect her so much for this. I see her as a modern day Ada, pushing the boundaries and pushing women to realize their potential.

Mrs. Gersting was always expecting me to better myself. I would come into her office so confused and flustered, she would sit me down and make me start from the beginning, one step at a time until I understood that step, then on to the next. In her hardest class (discrete mathematics), she split us up in groups and assigned us a chapter from the textbook (she wrote). We would then teach the class this chapter. I learned more from teaching this chapter than the whole year. I learned a valuable lesson: if you can teach it then you actually understand what you are learning and that is the level I needed to learn at.

Without Mrs. Gersting and so many past women I would not be here today, working in a “man’s” field. I love what I do and I hope future women will continue to venture into the areas of STEM!